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If you've ever wanted to learn Digital Scrapbooking, now is your chance. Through this page I aim to provide a set of tutorials that will cover the basic from scratch, from starting out to organistaion. Collecting your stash and organising it. Through to some popular styles and tricks. Please leave me a comment if you find this information useful. Or if you would like me to cover a particular subject. I've added tutorials in Parts so that you can just do one part a day/week or whatever suits you.  Please do share your work with me. You can either email me your layouts for any help or questions, or you can post them on my Facebook page with a comment. I promise to answer all of your queries.

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Part 1
How to start digital scrapbooking!

You really need only 3 things to start scrapbooking digitally. As opposed to paper scrapbooking, there's no glue required, no embellishments, no papers and more importantly, no mess!

So let's go,
1: You need a computer of course!
Or a Mac. However it is still possible to scrap if you only have a tablet. You will need to adapt your style a little and get different software, but yes it's still possible. FYI, I use a laptop running Windows 10, so this information will be based around that. However I'm pretty sure most of it will be adaptable to other hardware and I'm happy to try and help if something seems confusing.

2: You will need some software capable of working with layers!
I use Paint Shop Pro. It's affordable, fairly easy to learn. And as you get into it and want to learn more, you can add to its capabilities with a wealth of scripts, brushes and tubes. You can download a free 30 day trial here:
Other software includes Photoshop. This is used by many scrapers so lots of the tutorials you will find will be for P.S. However it's an extremely expensive program. Personally, if I were just going to use it to scrap and edit photos, I wouldn't consider it a cost effective choice. But it is popular. Photoshop uses brushes but not tubes and instead of scripts, it has actions. Find out more here:
A less expensive alternative to Photoshop is Photoshop Elements. I have this and it’s very similar to PSP and Photoshop, of course there must be some differences between Elements and Photoshop but I don’t know what they are. Pricewise it’s less than PSP but I really don’t like using it as much as PSP. Again you can get a free trial so you could perhaps get a couple of different ones to see how you feel about them.
There are other programs available too. If you're looking for free software GIMP is used by many scrapper.
Another popular one is Serif. It's not free but it is quite affordable.

3: The 3rd and last thing you'll need is a digital scrapbook kit.
You can buy full kits, or separate papers and elements, alphas, templates. The list is endless. Be warned. This is an addictive hobby and you will soon find your hard drive is groaning under the strain. The best advice I can give is: start as you mean to go on. Invest in an external hard drive or even some memory sticks. Organise your kits properly from the outset so you know where to find what you need. There will be more info on organisation later.
Ok, so are you ready to make a start?
You’ll need some kits then, take a look at Part 2

Part 2
Functions in Different Software

SCRIPTS are a small program that can be run within PSP to carry out certain functions to save time. This can be anything from resizing your work, to actually creating an element. If you decide to go with PSP, you can learn more about scripts at a later date.

ACTIONS carry out the same function in Photoshop as scripts do in PSP.

BRUSHES are basically just painting tools. You can use the software built in selection of brushes or you can create your own or buy them ready made. There’s also an abundance of free ones available. Each program uses them in a different way. That is to say the files are different. So you couldn’t just use a PSP brush in Photoshop. However there are ways to convert them for use in other programs. As there are ways to convert .png files (images with a transparent background) into brushes.

TUBES are exclusive to PSP. Basically they are small images which have been turned into tubes so you can simply stamp them onto your project. Or you could create a montage with them.

STYLES are exclusive to Photoshop and other Adobe software. They allow you to apply effects to your work. So you could draw a plain square and using a style you could turn it into a plastic square. You can get all sorts of different ones for a multitude of effects. But you can do these same things in PSP using effects.

Part 3
Where to find digital scrap kits
I dabble in digital scrapbook designing and I have my own store, so to start you off I have included a $10 coupon for my store. With this you can purchase any Personal Use product up to and including $10. If you need help using the coupon just let me know. As digital scrapbooking generated in America, most of the stores are there and all use US Dollars. All of them accept payment via Paypal.
My store is here:
Use coupon code BHD-LDS-jkdwoi09037 at checkout to get your chosen goods for free or for $10 off your whole order. You can copy and paste the code from here. You can only use the code once but it doesn’t expire until 31st December 2018. If you try to use it and it doesn't work, please don't hesitate to contact me.
I also have a small selection of freebies on my (somewhat neglected) Blog here: http://www.bhdesigns.biz/
Scroll down and click on the Downloads link in the right hand column. You can download the ones you like, or all of them, just by clicking on the images.
Note: Dropbox is going to be making some changes soon so if you find the links aren’t working, just let me know and I’ll fix as soon as I can.
Most designers have some freebies available so if you find one you really like, be sure to visit their blog or sign up for their newsletter.
Here are the links to a few of my favourite stores for scrapbooking supplies:
In addition to stores, there are a number of dedicated freebie sites out there. It’s so addictive that when I started I found I was downloading all sorts of things and I still have most of them. Mostly unused! So my advice here is to be selective. Try and find a style you like (more on this on page 4) and just get the freebies you’re pretty sure you will use.
Here is one site that does a huge collab once a quarter. Called Blog Trains, you visit each designers Blog or Facebook page to download the various parts which can be added all into one big co-ordinating kit. For some you will be expected to ‘Like’ their pages in order to get the download. Others may expect you to sign up for their newsletter. It’s common practice to leave a Thank you in the comments section or on their timeline.
Most of the stores have their own community, a gallery where you can upload your work for others to comment on. A forum to chat in, and most will have tutorials or games that you can participate in. In fact I believe eScape and Scrap, where my store is, is the only one that doesn’t have a forum or gallery. Although they do have a page at Flicker https://www.flickr.com/groups/2976994@N21/pool/with/32369492802//?rb=1 where their Creative Team displays work using the stores products.
You can view the stores galleries to get inspiration on how to use a kit and it is perfectly acceptable to scraplift a page you like, as long as you don’t take credit for it being an original work of your own. So for instance if you decide to post your own work in the gallery and you have used a page to scraplift (or copy). You would give the original artists name and a link to their page in your description. It’s common practice to also give credit to the kit designer. Some think this is free advertising and in a way I suppose it is. But I can’t tell you how many times I have loved a page so much, I’ve actually gone to find the kit so I can buy it myself. So it is also a good idea to have that information.
Ok, so you have your software and your kits now. Let’s scrap a page, see part 4

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