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My name is Bernadette but around digi land I am known as Scrapdragon or Aunt B or even just plain B! I live in Yorkshire in the UK. But I have a special place in my heart for Australia because I actually grew up there and I have close family there. I'm happily married to Pete and we have 3 beautiful cats. We don't have any children because we met quite late in life but I have 2 gorgeous nephews and 2 gorgeous nieces and a great nephew and niece!

I got into digital scrapbooking a few years ago, and I am hooked. Aren’t we all? There’s no going back for those who have tried it! I still recall sitting down that very first night and following a tutorial to create my very first layout. Wow! I was blown away by the end result, even though it was somewhat crude, and I just thought, if I can achieve that after an hour, what can I achieve when I learn more?
I’ve been designing for about 5 years now, but I know there is still so much to learn. And that’s part of the fun, learning as I go along! I sell my digital products exclusively at NDISB.

What else??? Well I used to work in an office, in IT Support. I became very ill in 2009 and had to give up work and I am still not able to cope with working yet. I am getting a little better each day but Idon’t think I will ever be as well as I was before I took ill. I love reading and  I don’t watch much TV, but I am partial to a good drama film. I love getting lost in a good story. I don’t read nearly as much as I want to, or used to.

More recently I have been interested in Art Journaling and I have signed up for Tangies Art Journal Caravan for the 3rd year running. Being somewhat of a coward though I have only managed a couple of pages so far but I really am going to try harder this year.

Anyway, the people who are most important to me in my life are,,, Pete, my husband. My lovely Mum & Dad. My sister Donna, her two beautiful boys, Jay and Sam, and Kev, her partner. Then there’s my other sister, Lorene and her partner Tony. My brother Barry who died 5th January 2012, his daughters Natalie and Emma. And Emma has a lovely little boy, Harley, and a little girl, Brooke.

And,,, last but not least, my  little furbabies, not people, but my babies all the same. Tasha died on 24th March 2011, she was a beautiful tortie, and would have been 17 in June!  Simba died in 2009, aged 13, he was a lovely ginger & white tom and he was my little shadow! I still miss him  very much. I have 3 new cats, Caspar was born on Christmas Day 2009, so he was named after one of the 3 wise men. He is a tuxedo cat, just  like the famous Felix! And Milly was born in April 2010, she was adopted from a rescue centre and is a silver tabby, very much like the Whiskas cat, and she is full of mischief!

Finally there is Molly who we guestimate to be 6 months old. I rescued her from the bitter cold weather after I had seen her roaming about for a couple of weeks. She was starving and simply jumped into my arms! I took her to the vet and checked for a microchip and of course I asked around to see if she belonged to anyone. I was very happy when there were no takers though! I love them all to bits!

Simba died 28th August 2009, aged 13
Tasha died 24th March 2011, aged 17
Caspar at 2 months
Milly at 6 months

Molly at 5 months
Milly & Molly January 2012

I mention my family and furbabies above because if you are gonna be a regular visitor here, and actually read this blog, these names will no doubt crop up all the time and I thought it’d be a bit boring to explain who they are every time!!

Favourite places to be? Well, I am a frequent visitor at NDISB, it’s a fab forum with a friendly bunch of people from all over the world. I visit DST too, but not as much as I would like. You can also find me on Facebook.  I have both a personal page and a design page. I know, it was an accident! The links are on the sidebar under My Links!

My Interests
I love dragons and fairies and all things lilac and magical. I love reading, and doing anything ‘crafty’,,, I knit, sew, bake, make jewellery, hand made cards, scrapbooks, and spend way too much time on the computer! I procrastinate too much, but hey, life is short and tangenting is way too much fun! I also have an addiction to excessive use of the comma,,, questions marks??? and exclamation marks!!!

Updated February 2012

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