Tuesday, 17 July 2018

A Tribute to Amber, Dawn & Kim.

Well, I'm not quite sure how I made it to today but here I am. It's been one thing after another in the Digi community of late. First the shocking news of Amber Shaw's tragic death. Amber and her husband died in a house fire in the early hours of Saturday 26th May. Both of them and one of their children perished, in what I can only imagine is one of the worst possible ways. You can read more about this tragedy here.

I didn't know Amber personally but any death in our communiy would be a shock. Add to that the sheer horror of how this happened and I was seriously shaken. My heart went out to their remaining children, one of whom had managed to escaoe the fire by jumoing from a 2nd floor window. How do you recover from a loss like that? Your parents, sibling, your whole home, all gone in so short a time and such a horrific way.

Then this last week, I was completely and utterly shocked to learn of the death of Dawn Inskip. Dawn was a designer based at The Lilypad. Her kits were full of her own hand drawn art and always so fun and vibrant. I always waited eagerly each week to see what lovely creation she came up with .

Dawn was admitted to hospital on the Monday 2nd July, with breathing difficulties which they thought was being caused by our extraordinary heatwave here. It was found that she had actually had a heart attack so she was put into an induced coma while she was being treated. But then she passed early hours on Thursday the 5th.

Although we were only about 130 miles apart, we never did get round to meeting IRL, which is so sad. You always think 'One Day' but now that day will never come and that is so sad.

I 'met' Dawn many years ago when we both were starting out as  designers. She was selling at a store called Treasures to Scrap I believe. I just came across it one night whilst browsing the internet and I saw the most fabulous Christmas kit, I had to have it. I bought it but I had loads of problems with the downloads, so I emailed Dawn asking for help. She did absolutely everything she could to make sure the problem was resolved. She was so gracious and friendly. I don't know how it came about but we just continued to email each other regularly. Dawn would share snippets of her life, her family, and her 'foster' kids. One thing that always shone out was how much Dawn loved her family, she was immensely proud of Carly and especially of how she had managed to land her dream job, working with wild birds. Carly would bring home orphaned babies and Dawn was in her element. Nurturing them until they were big and strong. Every time one left her she would be heartbroken and then all smiles when they next baby arrived. She never failed to ask how my 3 kitties were doing and she was there for me to cry on her shoulder when I lost my beautiful Tasha. I knew she understood, because her love of animals was as deep as mine. She was overjoyed when I felt ready to adopt a new baby, and eagerly followed their progress as they grew.

I haven't yet mentioned Dawn's amazing talent. I probably don't need to since almost everyone knew of her amazing work. I really don't know how she managed to put such a wonderful collection together each week. But she did, and each one was filled with hand drawn, hand painted papers and elements. I have almost all of her kits, Yes, I've been a huge fan ever since those early days when I first saw that Christmas kit. Her passing is a huge loss to the digi community. Losing Dawn has left a huge hole in my heart.

While everyone was still reeling from the news of Dawn's passing, we heard that Kim of Kimeric Creations was retiring due to ill health. I knew she had been very ill for some time although I did not know what the illness was. Then sadly, within just a couple of days of her retirement being announced, news came through that she had passed away. She had cancer.

I didn't know Kim personally but I was a huge fan of her work. I have many of her kits, but not all of them. She was another very talented and driven designer who managed to put out a huge collection each week. Her kits were full of vibrant colour, which I loved and she was a very generous designer. Every kit had a free gift posted daily on her blog. Losing her will be another huge cost to  the community both in talent and personality.

I am heartbroken for the huge loss of these 3 talented ladies. May they all Rest in Peace

Now my problems seem insignificant in comparison but I've been troubled by computer woes. There was a Microsoft update on the 25th May and it really messed up my software. I use PSP to design and scrap but this update messed that up, my Firefox, and my password manager. So I managed to fix the latter 2 without too many problems. PSP was a whole other story. I ended up deleting it, and reinstalling. It was working fine but then Microsft reinstalled said update and the whole thing went awry again. I couldn;t face all that reinstalling again, and why should I? My software was working fine before Microsoft decided to install an uodate I had no need for. You can't pick and choose now, you have to take them all. This one offered updates to The Edge which I don't use, and other uselss things that I never use. So I was quite annoyed. As I seemed to be able to use the 64 bit version without too much trouble, I decided to carry on, but log all my problems as they arose and report them to Corel. Poor Corel, lol, It wasn't really their fault either, but if you've ever tried to report anything to Microsoft, you will understand why I chose that path.

But all this meant I fell way behind with my add on kits and freebies for eScape & Scraps July Collaboration kit. ☹️☹️ Anyway I finally finished them yesterday so the freebies have gone to Julie andd my add ons are now instore. Take a look and why not get the bundle of all 3 add ons? Each individual product is on sale at 25% off but the bundle price gived you even bigger savings.





I also have 3 free gifts for you which will be available on the ESS Blog sometime between now and the end of the month. The store owner is posting them, so I don't know which days, so if you don't want to miss them, you need to either sign up for the newsletter or keep checking back each day.

And I have a new freebie for you right here, just click on the Downloads link on teh right to visit my Freebie page! Enjoy!

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