Saturday, 2 June 2018

New Fun and Huge Collection!

I know, I should be ashamed of myself. It's 6, no 7 months since my last post! Wow! But I do have a good excuse. My poor Mum had a nasty fall in January, she is 82 bless her and she broke her hip. Bad for anyone but for someone of her age,, well let's just say she had us extremely worried for a good while there. However she's a fighter and she is getting better, slow but sure. She is struggling aa fair bit with her mobility but really I think that's now more to do with her being scared than with her ability to walk. She uses a walking frame and it's become a prop. She is also quite forgetful and confused now. But she's still a lovely person and still my lovely Mum.

As for me, well I've had all my usual problems to deal with. But I have been quietly beavering away on a huge collection for the June kit at ESS. I collabed with Sky Cascadea on the main kit, but then I made five add-on packs, so here you go, take a look at these scrummy previews:
First, the main collab:

There's 16 bright and pretty papers, 82 elements and one alpha!
Oh and did I mention this is the june kit? Yes? Well you know what that means? You can get this whole kit absolutely free. All you need to do is spend $10 on anything in the store and this kit will be added to your cart.
But wait, I have 5 fabulous add-on kits too, and the best thing is, they are so hugely discounted right now that if you purchase the add-on bundle, you will get this kit free. So that means you would get the whole shebang for a teeny weeny $10.09. How's that for a bargain?
So here are my add-on packs:

 And here is the bundkle pack, all 5 of the above, plus you would get the kit free!

I also have a small freebie for you, check out the downloads page on the right for this Quick Page gift.

And, don't forget to check the ESS blog on each Tuesday to grab a small gift each week from myself and Sky! Enjoy! And thanks for reading.

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