Monday, 16 May 2016

New in Store!

Take a look at my newest product, a digital scrapbook element pack containing 11 individual padlocks for you to adorn your pages or use in your digital scrapbook kits for resale. 3 of the locks come in 2 different formats, making for a total of 14 padlocks altogether. Click on the image to visit my store and grab this set for 25% off, until the end of the month. 

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

An update! Believe it or not!

I am a very bad blogger! I freely admit it, and I'm sorry! I can't believe it's been 7 months since I last posted an update! Well I can. Sadly, blogging has never been my strong point so when life gets hectic or things go wrong, this seems to be the first thing that gives. I have some new products in my store! 8 new Commercial Use overlay sets. If you're not bothered about reading my personal update, you can just pop over there  to take a look. I will post individual pics below though. Hurry up though, they're 25% off until the end of the month!

For the last few months I've had my Mum poorly, she had a steel plate in her leg and over time 2 of the screw ahad worked loose and actually poked through her skin. For months she was seeing the doctor and nurse and having her leg dressed for an ulcer and we begged them to refer her to the hospital for further investigation. We didn't think it was an ulcer and when we looked into the hole we could see the metal top of the screw. Finally they did, and the surgeon confirmed it was the screw that had come loose. So she would need to have an operation to have them out. That was booked for January. All went well on the day and Mum came home the same night but she was in an awful lot of pain and then her leg got infected. She spent a couple of weeks in hospital on intravenous antibiotics but we were so worried we could see her going downhill by the day. So we pleaded with them to let her come home under the care of the district nurse. That was the best move, it was hard, keeping tabs on her medication, making sure she rested enough with her leg up. But we could see her pick up almost straight away. My Mum is 81 this year bless her. A hospital ward isn't always the best place for an elderly lady. Sometimes they need their own home and loved ones around them and their home comforts. It's now mid May and Mum is getting better all the time. Her leg has almost healed and we are hoping that the next hospital visit will be the last. I've taken over control of her meds which can be a little time consuming but definitely worth it to have her at home.

My own health hasn't been great but finally I feel like I am getting on top of things. I'm starting to lose some weight, doing daily  exercises. Cutting back on some of the meds that I think were doing me more harm than good. And more than all of that, I finally feel, after 7 long years, that I have something to live for! Yes I know that sounds awful. But after my illness 7 years ago and then my much loved brother dying. I really felt like my life was over. My mobility was non-existent and every time something happened, sciatica, osteoarhritis, it got even worse. I ate to speed things up. Make the end come sooner. How sad is that? But one moring in January I just woke up with a completely different mind set. I felt alive again, happy and ready to fight! Some of this is down to a very special friend who I have known for well, most of my life but who I lost contact with many years ago. I've always had the love and support of my Sisters, I know that and I'm grateful for that. But sometimes it takes someone else to make you see the light! My friend found me after so many years and has encouraged and helped me to be the person I should be, not the sad person just waiting to die! I have a long way to go, and many obstacles to get over, but I know I can do it now! I'm determined and I have everything to live for.

So if you got this far, and you're still awake, here are my new goodies:

Everything is 25% off until the end of the month. Thanks for looking and thanks for reading. Much love B x

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