Saturday, 11 October 2014

Something new, specials and freebies!

Well I finally have some new products in my store! Don't faint! I've had a wonderful summer. My sister and her partner came over from Australia with their two boys, my gorgeous nephews. They were here for 8 weeks. While they were here we celebrated their marriage with a party on a boat and a blessing.
It was fantastic to see them all again. My nephews are such gorgeous, clever boys. The had a sleepover with me 2 nights and we baked cookies and did art stuff. I don't get the chance to do things like that with them so it was really nice. We had lots of days out too, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, The Forbidden Corner, Treasure Island Play Centre. And many many trips to the supermarket!

They left for home at the end of August and a week later, Pete & I took my Mum & Dad to Wales for a week. We were truly blessed with fine weather and we had a lovely quiet, relaxing week. Lol, I say quiet but really, on the 2nd day we discovered the secluded cottage we had chosen was slap bang in the middle of The Mach Loop! We were sat outside enjoying the sun and scenery when suddenly a jet fighter plane flew straight over us. The sound was deafening and it was so low it was scary! I looked it up to find that it's a low level flight training path for jet fighter pilots!!! There were sometimes as many as 10 a day. Once we knew what it was it was kind of cool, and we ended up jet-spotting the rest of the week. The only thing that marred the week was I had a couple of accidents and ended up doing some damage to my left knee which just got worse as the week went on. It was so painful that I went to A & E once we got home and had x-rays and was dismayed to be told that I had no cartilage left in my left knee. Not good! And despite all the rest and painkillers it remains extremely painful I've got an appt booked at the docs but not till week after next. It was impossible to get in any earlier.Oh and when we got home I found my new laptop had died! Fabulous eh? It's been fixed now, had to send it back to Sony, but then you have all the stuff to load back on and get it running how you want it, such fun, not!

Anyway, despite all the dramas I managed to get some new products finished. Shop now to save 25% off, offer available until Monday.
Did you see these amazing layouts that our Ct ladies did for me?

There are also 2 new free gifts in the store, hope you like them.
While you're there, check out the specials I have on for this weekend.
Go take a look, offers only valid until Monday so don't miss out.
Thanks for looking
B x

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