Friday, 15 November 2013

A couple of new goodies and 2 specials!

I do apologise for the state of my blog, I still haven't found any time to sit down properly and pretty it up. Our house move was a complete nightmare and even now, 2 weeks on we are still surrounded by bags and boxes. It doesn't help that both Pete & I have been ill and my sciatica, which was getting better suddenly got much worse. But we are moved now and we can take our time getting straight. As long as I can function on a daily basis the nitty gritty will get sorted when I am ready.

Anyways I managed to finally get these new goodies into the store

There are more previews in store so please do take a look.
And both products are on special at 25% off for the first week.
I also added 2 products on special for this weekend only. I am terrible at remembering to do this so thought I would add 2 to make up for it. You can grab both of these for just 99c each!

Thanks for looking!
B x

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